Southwest Conference Against Trafficking
Information, Awareness, Education, Prevention, and Action

About the Conference

The Southwest Conference Against Trafficking will be held January 11-13, 2018 at the Ontario Airport Hotel & Conference Center in Ontario, CA.  The conference, since 2009, brings together hundreds of people wanting to end modern-day slavery in our society. 

Law enforcement agencies, healthcare professionals, attorneys, social workers, nonprofit organizations, survivors, families of missing children, journalists, politicians, clergy, educators and anyone in the public wanting to learn more continue to gather in January to be educated, inspired and moved to take action against human trafficking and violence in our society.

Before anyone is trafficked, other issues may be a factor and the conference explores these issues. So, although the conference title reflects “trafficking” the conference weekend encompasses the past, present and future of Human Trafficking and what everyone can do to help prevent it and what we can do to fix it.  In order to accomplish this peakers/presentations, networking receptions, meet the authors, media award presentation, survivor stories and people wanting to make a difference on this epidemic plaguing our society will come together in January in Southern California.  

Goals of SWCAT 2018

+ To bring together an audience wanting to be informed, educated, and inspired by experts and survivors in order to take action in their communities.

+ To bring together experts, law enforcement agencies and survivors together to discuss successful models used to combat trafficking so others may implement similar models to combat issues in their areas.

+ To educate and inform the public about the tools and resources available in order to prevent exploitation and trafficking to future generations. 

+ To introduce survivors and families of missing children to conference attendees in order to understand their stories and learn how we could have done better and/or enhance successful tactics used to solve, rescue, and restore the victims and their families.

+ To educate members of the media  how to research and report stories surrounding exploitation and trafficking cases without re-victimizing victims and their families.

+ To form productive collaborations between agencies, nonprofits and others in order to combat modern-day slavery throughout the United States and beyond.