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Southwest Conference Against Trafficking

Steering Committee 2018

Honorary Chairperson & Conference Emcee

Lisa Guerrero Chief Investigative

Correspondent at  "Inside Edition"

Lisa is also one of our National Media  Ambassadors

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Michelle A. Bart, SWCAT Chair

National Women's Coalition Against Violence & Exploitation

Martha Jasso, SWCAT Co-Chair

Crittenton Services for Children and Families

Anne-Michelle Ellis, SWCAT Co-Chair

County of San Bernardino Coalition Against Sexual Exploitation (CASE)

Donna C. Bart, NWCAVE

Natalie Brand, KING5 Seattle

Wanda Costi, NWCAVE

Margaret Evanow, Child Advocate

Dawn Marie Lemonds, Soroptimist International
Monica Madrid, CASE
Dr. Kathie Mathis, NWCAVE

Carol Roddy, Soroptimist International

Alice Wells, Soroptimist International
Lesford Duncan, County of San Bernardino Children's Network and Crittenton Services