Joyce Capelle

CEO, Crittenton Services for Children  and Families

Ms. Joyce Capelle has been the CEO of Crittenton Services for Children and Families since 1997. Shortly afterward in her first year of tenure, at Crittenton, she was confronted with the ugly realization that many of the girls she was advocating for were oftentimes labeled as “bad girls” or “delinquent”.

As Ms. Capelle continued her advocacy work throughout the local community she also came to realize that most people she interacted with didn’t understand that a large percentage of system-involved girls experience multiple and complex childhood traumas. This sad fact made it difficult to convince many community members that the last thing system-involved girls need is simply punishment, shaming or condemnation – but rather, what is needed is a comprehensive trauma responsive treatment approach towards their empowerment and recovery.

With now 20 years of service advocating for the most vulnerable, Ms. Capelle, continues to make it a life’s mission to consciously apply her public policy and law experience towards relentlessly advocating for the health and well-being of the system-involved girls she serves. Specifically, she encourages and empowers Crittenton’s team of mental health professionals to continue to partner with local, state and national organizations to advocate for girls and young women who have been sexually abused or trafficked and who deserve unwavering support through their recovery process.

In addition to her role as Crittenton’s CEO, Ms. Capelle, has also served on a number of organizations that advocate for healthier communities, juvenile justice, and child welfare issues. This has included a position as one of the Board of Directors for the California Alliance for Child and Family Services, and was Past Chair of the Fullerton Chamber of Commerce.