Dr. Kathie Mathis

With over 30 years of administrative, counseling and training experience, Dr. Mathis is CEO of California Cognitive Behavioral Institute and a motivational keynote speaker and trainer. 

Dr. Kathie Mathis is a Doctor of Psychology, a Nationally Certified Psychologist and holds a Doctorate of Divinity. She is a recognized national trainer for the National Women’s Coalition against Violence and Exploitation (NWCAVE) and California National Organization for Women’s domestic violence trainer as well as Master Trainer for CCBI.

She also authored books, appeared on television shows and radio, written monthly columns for magazines and newspapers.  Dr. Mathis has received many awards including the following awards along with recognition awards from Los Angeles County Supervisors, Domestic Violence Council,  President of the United States, Congress and Senate acknowledgments. Kathie was chosen “Woman of the Year” by the National Professional Women’s Association.

Dr. Mathis has also created a program on laughter and happiness therapy used in medical environments, for military veterans, seniors, drug/alcohol programs, abuse and trauma programs and individuals having difficulty with life’s hardships called “The Hilarious Healing Project”