Kay Vail

Clark County Probation Counselor

Washington State CSEC Task Force

Kay Vail has worked for Clark County Juvenile for 20 years.  She is a Probation Counselor.  Kay has worked with victim/survivors of trafficking who are on probation in a victim focused manner. 

Joan Renner and Kay Vail began the Clark County Human Trafficking Task Force in 2012, today Kay serves as co-chair of the task force and heads the MDT grant committee.  Since its inception, the task for has grown and includes, Law Enforcement, Prosecuting Attorneys, NGOs, Planned Parenthood, Clark County Jail, DCFS, NWCAVE, Victim Advocates, YWCA and others.

She is part of the Washington State Trainers for CSEC and is committed to fighting CSEC and helping survivors.  She feels that creating long term relationships is the key to helping survivors and education the community on the harm of trafficking.