Attorney Michael Ramos

San Bernardino County District Attorney

As top prosecutor of the largest county in the United States, District Attorney Michael Ramos has fought corruption and made victims' rights, public safety, and anti-gang programs the cornerstone of his office. Ramos is currently serving his fourth term.


Among other positions, Ramos is the former President of the National District Attorneys Association (2016-17) and California District Attorneys Association (2010-11), and he is one of three members appointed by the Governor to the California Victim Compensation Board. In 2005, DA Ramos formed the Hardcore Gang Prosecution Unit to wage a hard-fought battle against gangs across the county. Since that time, there have been 6,800-plus state prison commitments secured for a total of 51,190 years plus 303 life terms in state prison.


In 2009, Ramos responded to this problem of human trafficking in San Bernardino County and created the county’s Coalition Against Sexual Exploitation (CASE). Most recently, DA Ramos formed a countywide Human Trafficking Joint Investigative Task Force to address the commercial sexual exploitation of minors. To date, Task Force members have made 400-plus arrests and 38 predators have been sent to state prison for a total of 200-plus years and two life terms.